Alonzo King Lines Ballet


Creation 2019 – Piece for 8 dancers

Choreography: Alonzo King – Music: Jason Moran – Musical arrangements: Philip Perkins – Lighting: Jim French – Costumes: Robert Rosenwasser


An African-American artist, Alonzo King has become an iconic reference on the international choreographic scene. This visionary, described by William Forsythe as “one of the few ballet masters of our time”, has laid the foundations for a sensual and inventive dance that bridges classical technique and contemporary creativity.

Set to a piano score by Jason Moran, The Personal Element invites everyone to their own interpretation of a dance that is uninterrupted, calm or frenetic, where each movement, rather than translating the music, asserts itself as a note played by bodies that seem to compose the melody.

A parable of alchemy, where mercury allows transmutation into gold, Azoth stages, in an intimate dialogue with the music, dancers like so many bubbles of mercury that come together, repel each other, gather, separate… in constant deconstruction and reconstruction.

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Duration: 1h30 with intermission

All audiences from 8 years old