When nature comes to decorate your plates

Published on 8 June 2021
Cannes Beach

Flavours from the
ends of the earth

A clear theme on the beaches of Cannes, nature features strongly this summer through menus with a thousand and one flavours, concepts in tune with the times, and new decoration bearing high the colours of plants and authenticity.

Relaxation, well-being and sharing are the key words to enjoy these establishments down by the water…

Abla Carolyn

Oh la la Martinez comes to Martinez Beach

At drinks time, when the sun spreads its blush across the Esterel, Oh la La Martinez dusts off the codes of catering on the Croisette. On the menu, crates to take away from a pick-up station to cook your own kebabs on braziers. An interpretation of the “beach way of life” full of sun, joy and sharing. Yours to enjoy every evening of summer, lulled by a musical atmosphere perfectly distilled by Oh la la le Dj, Baptiste C.

Annex Beach: The quintessence of Italy

Born at the dawn of summer, the new decoration of Annex Beach is the signature of interior designer, Jacques Garcia, one of the most recognised in the world. Designed as an Italian house with its lush garden, Annex Beach uses exceptional materials in the heart of the Croisette. The black and white tiles come from Rome, the windows from Murano and the fountains which play inside this sumptuous setting, from Venice. On the menu, you can enjoy exceptional cuisine created by the executive chef, Ugo Alciati, who has a star in the Italian Michelin Guide.

Hyde Beach: warm sand and a tribute to Sicily

This brand-new beach in Cannes is an invitation to laze around all day, as its decoration merges with the colour of the warm sand. From furniture to deckchairs to its delivery tricycle, natural shades flood Hyde Beach, enhanced by touches of plantlife. The menu, concocted by Chefs Hervé Busson (Chef at Park 45) and David Robert, focuses on fish, and reveals Sicilian accents.

The bohemian spirit of Mademoiselle Gray

Resolutely Mediterranean, Mademoiselle Gray Beach is an ode to the bohemian chic way of life. Wicker baskets, rattan armchair, collection of straw hats as wall decorations, this new arrival on the Croisette sets the tone for a subtle, lazy summer. On the menu, you can escape with a world cuisine that exudes in particular the freshness of the flavours of Lebanon. From sunset, the atmosphere becomes more lively for moments of carefree music.

Escape and well-being at 3.14 Beach

The stand-out theme in the cuisine of 3.14 Beach: organic and gluten-free. From starters to dessert, this culinary journey to the edges of distant flavours, as well as local specialities, invites you to indulge in some fine dining. A true ambassador of chill, this beach with its vibrant colours puts cocktails to compose yourself in the spotlight this summer based on Gin, tonic, citrus, herbs and spices. Yours to savour at the water’s edge before dining under the stars.

The revival of Carlton Beach

The first stage in the metamorphosis of the mythical Carlton, Carlton Beach is unveiled this summer with a totally redesigned beach based around 4 spaces: a large central bar, lounge, restaurant and a seafront with pontoon. Refinement and glamour define this new decoration created by interior designer Tristan Auer. On the tables of this timeless, elegant flagship, the dishes navigate their way through transalpine flavours with exotic scents, not forgetting the signature dishes that have built the reputation of this establishment.

Japan on the shores of the Mediterranean at Palais Stéphanie Beach

French chic and Japanese flavours are on the menu of this beach which has the largest pontoon on the Croisette. Its immaculate white, the omnipresence of wood and its view of the Bay of Cannes are all about luxury, calm and conviviality. Two restaurants provide new experiences for the taste buds, the sushi bar and typical Mediterranean menu. From 4.00pm, Palais Stéphanie Beach comes alive for trendy afterwork gatherings where Cannes’ French Riviera spirit caresses the DJ’s turntables.