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Explore Cannes with the family treasure hunt

Single rate €14

Discover Cannes with family or friends, in an original, authentic and fun way. In the mythical city of cinema, take part in an urban adventure. Along the way, discover the city’s treasures and secrets.

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Just imagine

Armed with your treasure map and bag, head off in search of treasures and secrets hidden in the city of Cannes.

During this treasure hunt, you can switch off from the present moment: no need for smartphones or GPS…

You can enjoy and share emotions with parents, children or friends and so create wonderful memories.

The treasure hunt includes

  • A bag
  • A treasure map
  • 8 places to find using the clues
  • Challenges to take on
  • Surprises to discover along the way
  • Discover the history of Cannes
  • A moment of fun and friendly sharing
  • Reductions with other partners

Special conditions

  • Price valid for a family of 1 to 4 people
  • Available in French and English (specify when booking)
An original, authentic, fun experience